We offer a line of innovative solutions for modern hotel complexes!

The specificity of the hotel business is that the investment invested pays off in the long term. This is not a segment where you can earn something seriously in two or three years, so many hotel owners tend to use any major events in order to increase the return on all implemented systems and services.

When building a hotel infrastructure, two main points should be considered:

  1. It is important to have a clear understanding of which customers the hotel will serve, that is, a reference point for the potential customer;
  2. Operational efficiency. We need to manage all the systems inside the hotels so that the cost of owning the infrastructure is as low as possible, but at the same time the productivity is maximized.

The IT infrastructure of hotels differs little from the office networks or networks of the enterprise. It should be highly reliable, scalable (for further extensions of functionality), provide the necessary security of data transmission. The requirement for network bandwidth is dictated by the volume of services that the hotel owner expects to provide: it can be access to the Internet (without which tourists no longer imagine life), international telephone communication (not so relevant in the light of the development of mobile communications) and most importantly – various multimedia services. Traditionally networks use Ethernet, based on copper twisted pair, as the most common and economical kind of networks. But the lack of an existing local network is not a reason not to modernize the hotel network – new technologies allow you to create networks on existing communications.
For many hotel owners and operators, in the face of increasing competition, a unique opportunity to generate additional revenue is to provide new services while maintaining the existing infrastructure and minimum capital investment.

Services inside hotels are designed to create comfort for the guest, so that he feels as comfortable as he feels at home. The client should receive the list of services that he expected. These two necessary criteria must be observed.
In terms of costs for many of the services that hotels can provide for themselves, it’s a penny. At the same time, revenues are significantly increased, because the more services, the more chances to earn on the client. The more complete the set of services anticipating the client’s desire, the more satisfied the client will leave the hotel.

One of the popular services is Video-on-Demand (VOD). This service allows you to get a relatively high profit for hotels. For example, during the football championship it is possible to organize repeated screenings of matches, allowing guests to once again enjoy the game, as well as comments of famous football observers.

Modern VOD-systems work in real time mode, and customers in their rooms can interactively view the list of services on the TV screen and make their choice with the remote control. The development of such systems allows access to other interactive services in the hotel, for example, ordering various services, viewing accounts, booking tables in a restaurant, etc. For hotel tenants, such a system actually simplifies the procedure for ordering services, which in turn increases consumption Similar services.
The Internet is one of the most popular services, without which many hotel guests no longer represent their life. Access to personal mail, corporate sites requires Internet access. Internet access should be both in hotel rooms, and in halls, bars, on open areas.
Concerning classical telephony, it has long been a necessary attribute of comfort in a modern hotel room. Ordering services through the phone, calls between numbers, and often international calls – the norm of the hotel business. Now it’s time to significantly reduce the cost of telephone conversations. The use of VoIP technologies will allow the hotel owner to connect to one or several IP-telephony operators and, with a slight change in the existing telephone network in the hotel, automatically transfer all international and long-distance outgoing calls through the IP-telephony operator’s network. Moreover use of IP PBX will significantly reduce the cost of telephony and dispense with the use of standard PBXs.

We offer a line of solutions for improving the IT infrastructure of hotels:

Wireless access technologies
Telephony based on IP-protocol
Multimedia services based on IP-protocol
The introduction of new services for hotel visitors is convenience for the client and profit for the owner.