Middleware LevTv® provide giving an interactive multimedia services – video on demand (Video on Demand), digital television (IPTV), Internet access, email, viewing of the financial info and other services on the TV screen (using a subscriber unit and remote control) or PC. All this is available through a single web-interface of  services managing.

Implementation of the Middleware LevTv System allow to provide the following services for the hotel customers:

  • IPTV – digital television broadcast capabilities with channel’s navigation separately and in a single package. IPTV service also includes an electronic programming guide (EPG).
  • Video on Demand (VoD) – video on demand system delivering individual subscriber television programs or films on the cable networks from the multimedia server in digital format.
  • “Parental Control” (PIN) – to view the selected content must enter a PIN (mainly used for erotic content).
  • Access to the billing system – the subscriber can at any time check your account details and costs balance.

In addition to basic services, Middleware LevTv may include a number of additional services:

  • Hotel Web-portal – information about the services of your hotel.
  • Welcome, dear guest – a welcome message on the TV screen.
  • Automatic language – User interface is automatically presented in the language, which the client noted during the registration at the hotel reception.
  • Room services – the opportunity to order from the restaurant, bar and other hotel services.
  • Information portals – dynamic background materials: a world clock, weather, exchange rates, transport timetables, etc.

Advantages of hotel Middleware LevTv system:

  • Integration with hotel management system.
  • Direct revenue from the sale of pay-TV and video.
  • API – interface for integration with hotel software.
  • Free media platform for own and affiliate advertising.
  • Ability to use any modern TVs and even multimedia computer monitors. You do not need to buy special hotel TVs.