OTT (Over the Top) – a technology that provides a unique possibility of transferring video over the Internet to the subscriber device (computer, TV (with function Smart TV), STB, mobile phone, tablet). It is the perfect solution for TV service via IP network.
LevTv® complex has a modular architecture that allows you to quickly scale the solution components and expand the range of services. To ensure authorized viewer the module LevTv® Tickets DBA was designed.

Solution Benefits LevTv® OTT – ease of use, management, integration and economical use of system resources. An integrated approach combined the possibility of providing IPTV and OTT services in a single solution. We provide the technical platform for the broadcasting. Copyright for tv channels must be negotiated with rights holders.

We suggest you to give an opportunity for users to evaluate the benefits of OTT, providing access to services anywhere, anytime and on any device.