We offer a platform for cloud service providing surveillance (VSaaS) – Сloud CCTV. Service opportunities:
• Live View – See a real-time live view of all cameras
• Live Streaming – Show live pictures from camera to the public or selected groups of people
• Scheduled Email/Email alerting – Email notifications from your camera, simply enter email address, time and day
• Cloud Storage – Your camera footage is safely stored and easy to access, this is more secure than storing on site (1,7,14, 30 day)
• Mobile Apps – Beautiful Apps for iOS or Android
• Long Term Archive – Keep your footage for as long as required
• Easy Sharing – Keep your camera private, or easily share it with other people
• Motion activated recording – software motion-detection
• Any Camera

• automatic registration of users (self-reported)
• Authentication and authorization of users
• Protection against unauthorized access to view video streams
• view, changing personal information of users (personal account)
• multilanguage interface (localization files)
• User fees in accordance with current rates at the time of payment using electronic payment systems (EPS) and bank cards