Virtual servers and approach to software as service – key priorities for CIOs today.

Virtualization – a way to improve the company and increase its productivity. Survey CIO pointed to several main trends in this area. The first was a promising direction virtualization servers, which includes optimizing the use of computer facilities, and through which the same number of operations can be done through a smaller number of machines. The second area was the approach to software as service. This approach aims to relieve IT departments and reduce their costs. Most companies think these two trends priority for him.
Virtualization – a software technology that helps increase server performance. For example, it allows you to run multiple operating systems (UNIX, Linux, Windows and others.) And a wide variety of applications with a single computer. If each operating system to allocate a separate computer, it will use only 5-15% of its resources. Virtualization makes it possible to raise this figure to 40% or more. In addition, introducing virtualization, IT departments get additional benefits – reduced the number of computers, so – simplifies network. The cost of repairs and parts also are reduced.

Rather than pay a large number of servers with low use, each designed to perform a specific workload, server virtualization allows you to merge the load on fewer machines working efficiently. This means reducing the number of employees who manage computers, reduce space for their placement, energy savings, all of which saves money.

In addition, virtualization simplifies the server recovery of damaged systems. Virtual machines are stored as files, restore damaged system because no more difficult than copy a file to another computer. Since the hardware configuration of virtual machines do not necessarily have to match the physical configuration of the computer on which they run, this approach also allows you to restore the damaged system on any available computer. Physically identical to the system used is required.