Modern hotels position themselves as the ideal environment to meet the needs of each client and offer guests the latest telecom solutions and services. Interactive television system LevTv for hotels – is the best platform for providing business needs and maximize customer comfort. Also using the LevTv solution,  hotels can to increase their efficiency.

The visitor is able to:

  • use unique hotel service;
  • watch interesting films and a cable/satellite channels in the digital quality in a convenient time;
  • listen the live radio;
  • use the Internet and e-mail without using a computer.

All services are available through a single web-management interface. The demand for them is growing rapidly and occupies a priority position among the other services of the hotel.

The hotel, in turn, is able to:

  • how to increase their income through the implementation of services provided, and by posting on the hotel information portal advertising
  • access to billing system and complete control over the user (switch channels, movie selection, and so on. etc.)
  • track their interests and abandon unnecessary videos, channels and services, replacing them with other, more popular.

Technology OTT / IPTV hotel complexes important and interesting not only because it brings considerable income to hotels, but also because the hotel – a great place for a client where it can get positive emotions and enjoy high quality images. It allows you to use the latest features and interactive services.