System access control (ACS) provides protection facilities against unauthorized access by unauthorized persons, property and the preservation of information improves labor discipline, security personnel and the order provides time tracking.


– The access control system is almost invisible in work;

– makes no mistakes, which is a significant advantage because the cost of failure or negligence is very high;

– it is not “negotiate” and not “bribery”;

– clearly captures everything that is happening, that has an ideal guard.

ACS – an intelligent lock on your door, designed to automatically pass only required persons, and not to let people who are not admitted.

Automated electronic checkpoint excludes the human factor when checking passes, which virtually eliminates the possibility of errors, negligence or abuse.

The maximum effect of the application is achieved through integration with other security systems, such as digital video surveillance systems and alarm systems.

Using a system of access control, you decide tasks:

– protection of premises against unauthorized access by unauthorized persons;
– the preservation of property and information;
– statement of areas on the internal security system;
– provision of company management, security and other operational units and accurate information about events that occur at the facility.

Labor discipline
– Automatic registration arrival time employees at work and out of work;
– presentation of management information on present or absent employees at any given time, a list of those that were late, etc.;
– records of hours worked by each employee;
– account of the absence of workers in the workplace through official or personal reasons;
– automated database maintenance staff (name, title, department, schedule, photograph, passport data space, access rights, etc.);
– A wide range of forms of reports.

The modular structure, flexible, simple configuration and easy upgrade to allow customer to choose the best solution and equip security system “for a specific task.”
In addition to direct economic impact, the system provides authorized access to modern enterprise compliance and corporate standards in Ukraine increases its attractiveness and competitiveness.