Sony and Microsoft will create future cloud technologies based on Microsoft Azure to improve gaming and streaming services

Sony and Microsoft announced a strategic partnership for the development of gaming cloud technologies, as well as solutions in the field of artificial intelligence. Reported by The Verge.

Both corporations will create the future of cloud technologies based on Microsoft Azure to improve their own gaming and streaming services. Azure can also become a data center for various Sony gaming products, including PlayStation Now.

“Microsoft has always been a key business partner for us, despite the fact that in some areas we are direct competitors. I’m sure that by joining to work together on the future of cloud technologies, we will make an important contribution to the development of interactive entertainment,” said the director. Kenichiro Yoshida Corporation.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also commented on the collaboration: “Sony has always been a leader in entertainment and technology, and our partnership is built on innovation. Our collaboration gives Sony the power of Azure to help create new gaming and entertainment consumer products.”

First of all, this partnership will help Sony launch PlayStation Now in more regions where the company does not have its own data centers – it will be able to use Microsoft Azure.

Earlier, Sony told about the release of the PlayStation 5 console.

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