Razer is an international lifestyle maker for gamers, announces the launch of Razer Sila, a high-performance WiFi router for everyday use.

The device is optimized for games requiring a stable connection, streaming and downloading multimedia content.

Not all buildings have a wired internet connection with access in each of the rooms. Mobile gaming is developing considerably more widely, and in such conditions it is very important to have a reliable WiFi. The Razer Sila Router was created for gaming sessions and broadcasts without delay and meets the modern needs of users of consoles, laptops and mobile devices.

Razer Sila uses a number of technologies to provide the most stable connection in the office or at home. Among them, Razer FasTrack and Multi-Channel ZeroWait DFS, the ability to create a cellular network with a dedicated highway. Setting up and managing a mobile application makes Sila easy and convenient.

What’s used in Razer FasTrack software is the QoS engine for intelligent traffic control. Razer FasTrack uses deep packet analysis and adaptive learning technology, allowing the user to set the priority of traffic based on the application and type of device: from mobile phones and “smart” TVs, to PCs and consoles. The system automatically detects the PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch console, and their users can easily adapt their network to the smoothest game or streaming. One-touch Razer FasTrack includes a gaming mode for automatic bandwidth reservation for online games.

“Our devices and software are constantly reaching new heights of performance,” says Min-Liang Tan, co-founder and general manager of Razer. “But high precision and low delays make no sense if WiFi breaks down, so we’ve taken another step in building a solid foundation for our ecosystem, and that’s WiFi, which works wherever the user is.”

The patented technology of Multi-Channel Zero-Wait DFS allows “clean” WiFi channels to avoid network traffic and maintain high performance in applications, without inclining delays and disconnections.

The Razer Sila router is capable of forming an advanced hollow net. The two Razer Sila modules can be integrated to cover 550 m2 of WiFi space, with additional modules extending the scope of operation. Razer Sila is a 3-way router, has a dedicated 5GHz backhaul line and 2 independent fronthaul-links, and operates on 4 simultaneous DFS channels to reduce interference and network overload.

The device was developed in collaboration with engineering technology company Design Labs, based on the arrivals of network giants Qualcomm and Broadcom. Ignition Design Labs is known by the Portal Smart WiFi router, which won many awards in 2016.

“Razer pays great attention to design, engineering and performance, and we are pleased to be a Razer partner and to apply our expertise and proprietary technologies to create a unique powerful router for advanced gaming ecosystems,” says Terry Ngo, general manager of Ignition Design Labs.

Product features:

  • Razer FasTrack – “smart” adapts the QoS + DPI engine with deep packet analysis, as well as the prioritization of applications and devices for high-speed broadcasts and games.
  • Multi-Channel ZeroWait DFS – Additional bandwidth on closed secure channels for reliable connectivity without interruptions and delays
  • Tri-Band Mesh with Dedicated Backhaul – for wide coverage and maximum projection
  • Intelligent Active Steering – Provides automatic connection of devices to the most powerful signal
  • App and Smart Software Support – An iOS and Android application with advanced features for creating a guest network and managing security

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