Since September 1, almost all of Ukraine has switched to digital television, despite the fact that there is a court order prohibiting disconnecting analogue TV.

On the night of August 31, September 1, the use of analog radio technology should have stopped almost for the whole of Ukraine. The transition is the implementation of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated June 13, 2018 No. 509, which amended the Plan for the use of the radio frequency resource of Ukraine.

However, on August 30, the Sarnensky District Court of the Rivne Oblast passed a decision that banned the Radio Broadcasting, Radiocommunication and Television Concern to take any action related to the termination of the use of analogue television technology.

And on the morning of September 1 it became known that the country’s leadership, despite the court’s decision, ordered the analogue television to be turned off. This is reported by “Without Tabu” with reference to a source in the Presidential Administration. This is a flagrant violation of law and democracy. On the mornings of the Sabbath, all transmission centers of Ukraine started to execute the order, the information was confirmed by the RRT Concern.

It should be noted that the infrastructure and equipment was not ready to switch to the “figure”. Coverage is only 70% of the territory of Ukraine. The remaining 30% will have to wait without TV until it appears, or buy satellite tuners that still transmit Russian propaganda channels.

In addition, the lobbyists of the transition to the “number” have been repeatedly criticized for the lack of transparency: it is unknown who is the real owner of digital multiplexes, which now have a monopoly right. Since the president is so stubbornly struggling to hold the telemarket, it is possible that he is the ultimate beneficiary and beneficiary.

What is the transition to digital TV
Analog TV will be disconnected. All national TV channels in Ukraine will stop broadcasting by analogue standard and will switch to digital standard. Most of the regional broadcasters – too. In simple words – the standard of a television signal will change. The difference is between the leading phones and mobile phones.

In this case, completely analog TV will not disappear.

What you need to switch to digital TV
The digital signal is received from the ether. The source of the signal is the nearest transmitter.

For reception it is necessary:
1. Digital terrestrial receiver (to be connected to the TV) or TV with DVB-T2 standard support – this is a significant part of the new TVs.
2. An antenna of the decimetre range.

The cost of such equipment is from 400 hryvnias.

Information about the location of digital TV transmitters is available at the National Television Council website. That is, it is not necessary to wait until the National Council disconnects the analogue TV in your region – you can go over the figure now if there is coverage.

Why “analogue” is changed to “digit”
The National Council calls digital television more progressive, the benefits of which are indicated by the high quality of the television signal and a large number of programs. First of all, they will feel the difference in viewing television programs by the TV viewers who broadcast television programs using a room, external or collective antenna.

Which broadcasters will switch to “number”?

Digital TV will show the following channels to the viewers: Inter, Ukraine, 1 + 1, NTN, K1, ICTV, Inter-film, ZOOM, Indigo TV, STB, TET, K2, New, M1, Channel 5, Mega, Pixel TV, XSPORT, UFO.TV, 2 + 2, Z.ZIK, Espresso TV, direct, Rada, Eskulap-TV, Regional branches of NSTU, 112 Ukraine.

Will cable and satellite TV work?
So. For subscribers of cable television and owners of satellite dishes, the transition to the “figure” will not change anything. Cable and satellites will work the same way.

Who will continue analogue broadcasting
Television companies, which for a number of reasons do not have a license for digital broadcasting. But only until December 31, 2018. They will then need to obtain such a license. Or switch to cable or satellite broadcast, or stop it at all.

Analogue broadcasting will not be stopped in regions with a special broadcasting mode in Donetsk, Luhansk region, in the north of Sumy, Chernihiv, Kharkiv regions, south of Kherson. Here analog TV will remain, and even will develop, in particular for broadcasting to the occupied territories – noted in the National Council.

If the user can not buy a tuner and an antenna for “digits”
The National Commission was assured that they had appealed to the Government of Ukraine in order for the officials to develop an appropriate program to ensure access to digital television for low-income and socially vulnerable citizens of Ukraine. In what form, such government support will be provided and to whom – the government must report in the near future.

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